Welcome to the Tfaily Lab at the University of Arizona

Department of Environmental Science

Research interests in my laboratory focus on cutting edge metabolomics approaches which are then integrated with metagenomics, metaproteomics and metatranscriptomics to reveal how the genetic and metabolic features of organisms such as plants and microbial communities, and their biotic and abiotic interactions, give rise to ecosystem outputs in particular greenhouse gas (such as GHG are used as output of microbial respiration). My lab has been applying these approaches across multiple scales ranging from community scale characterization , to microcosms, to field chambers , all the way to landscape scale, and when coupled with disturbance studies, can better help us predict the stability of this system with further environmental changes. Due to the high diversity and complexity of metabolites, another focus of my research is the development of pipelines for enhanced metabolite annotation and identification as well as data analysis and visualization. These approaches are integrative and readily translatable across biomes, diverse ecological settings, and the agricultural/wildland interface.