Read this Earth Day article from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences featuring our student Jamee Lyon [x]

Jamee Lyon won an award at UA 2019 Earth Week!
Jamee Lyon placed second in the undergraduate poster presentations during Earth Week at the SWESx poster symposium.
We are excited and proud of her for her accomplishment!

Our students won awards at the UA Student Showcase!
Roya AminiTabrizi won second place for the American Chemical Society award for ‘Women in Chemistry’ and second place for the graduate level ‘Environmental Impact’ category.
Hans Gieshen won second place for the undergraduate level ‘Environmental Impact’ category.

We are extremely proud of them!

An article by Malak was just featured on Science Trends 
Read the January 2019 article here.

Check out our most recent publications!
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– Redox Fluctuations Control the Coupled Cycling of Iron and Carbon in Tropical Forest Soils [^]

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